Your Rights and Privacy are important to Pet Taxi UK. On this page you will see information about the data we collect from you, what we need it for and how it is used by us.

We NEVER sell your data, purchasing history or any other data about you to ANY THIRD PARTY.

Generally speaking we will place our Cookies Policy, Terms & Conditions of Business, GDPR and Data related policies on this page. We will also use positive action “OPT IN’s” to gain your permission to send you information, updates for transport dates, special offers, new or general service announcements and so forth.

We will only be using your data to operate our core business activities such as marketing, public relations and educational content. If this changes at any time and we use external providers to process your data on our behalf, we will inform you and show / tell you how you can OPT OUT if you so wish.

Please bear with us as we build this page and its content, it will take time. Thank you.


These Terms & Conditions of Service are subject to change without notice and customers are advised to check what Terms & Conditions of Service are applicable to their service provisions PRIOR to booking and / or cancelling services.

Your booking is only secured by a Non-Refundable BOOKING FEE at time of quote. Booking Fees are non-transferable to another job or other person /party in any circumstance. The JOB BALANCE is due payable ONE WEEK BEFORE the run date issued at the time we quote unless other arrangements have been offered and accepted between the parties. Balance payments are also Non-Refundable / Non-Transferable once paid.

If payment of balance is not received as agreed prior to the run date, Pet Taxi UK will cancel your slot on the run and retain all booking fees / payments paid.

Please note in the event that a SELLER cancels a collection we will require vet evidence that the animal(s) in question are unfit to travel. If this proof is provided by a vet then we can transfer the money you have paid to another job but it will not be refunded.

Animals presented for transport must be ACCURATELY detailed and have no underlying illnesses or injuries which might bring Pet Taxi UK into disrepute with DEFRA or any other body concerned with Animal Welfare.

ANY animal not micro-chipped (where required by Law) at time of collection will be rejected and reported to the relevant authorities. This mainly pertains to Dogs, Cats and Ferrets. If your animal is traveling overseas, even into a European State, you must ensure ALL DOCUMENTATION is completed in time and provided to Pet Taxi UK PRIOR to loading onto our vehicles.


If your animal becomes unwell during transport with Pet Taxi UK we will contact the owner before we divert to a local vet practice to have the animal assessed and treated. This treatment is paid for by Pet Taxi UK if the illness or injury has been caused during transport and ONLY under those conditions!

STRESS during transport is NOT the responsibility of Pet Taxi UK and unless instructed otherwise by the owner of the animal in writing, we will not divert to a vet practice due to transit stress.

If your animal must be left with the vet practice for Animal Welfare reasons Pet Taxi UK’s responsibility for any additional costs ends at that point and it will be the new owners responsibility to settle any outstanding vet bills relating to the incident in question and any onward transport requirements. If any outstanding balance is due to Pet Taxi UK we will invoice you accordingly.


If Pet Taxi UK arrives to collect or deliver any animal previously booked with us and cannot gain access to the animal due for collection or no-one is at the delivery address, all payments become due for the transport of the animal and any boarding fees, vet fees and additional transport fees involved in re-delivery or collection of the animals(s) in question at the expense of the new owner.

Pet Taxi UK provide a written notification to both the BUYER and the SELLER of the animal(s) a few days before each run date in which both parties contract to be present during the time slot issued by us in writing.