Pygmy Hedgehogs


For insurance purposes Pet Taxi UK will require a FULL VALUE DISCLOSURE for each animal you want us to transport. For any animal over the value of £100 you will be required to provide TRAVEL INSURANCE for these animals yourself or pay a transit insurance premium for the animal(s) in question.
    The value you state on the booking/enquiry form is the value used for insurance purposes. This valuation must be the price you paid for the animal not the perceived value of the animal, you would be required to provide evidence showing the value you paid for the animal (s). If multiple animals are traveling the value is combined value.
      You would be required to provide a veterinary autopsy and Toxicology report ( at your own expense) within 72 hours of delivery if you wish to make a claim along with an excess payment of £100 for each and every claim (paid in full to Pet Taxi UK in advance).
        The insurance premiums are as follows:

          Value of Animal(s) = Premium %

          £0-250 = 5%

          £251-500 = 7.5%

          £501-750 = 10%

          £751-1000 = 12.5%

          £1001+ = 15%

            The insurance premium is on top of the value quoted for transportation. If you do not wish to insure your animal (s) on the journey then you need to tell us in writing and this then voids your ability to make a claim against Pet Taxi UK.

                Pet Taxi UK are also not liable for GRIEF, STRESS RELATED ILLNESSES and so forth of either THE SELLER or THE BUYER in any such claim.
                  In many cases, Pet Taxi UK Customers who are genuinely claiming on our insurance are guaranteed to receive the correct and professional support they deserve during such times.
                    We are not here to cause you any distress, we are here to make your courier experience a happy and stress-less one. We are fully insured to operate as a business in our chosen fields and we will gladly support genuine claims as they occur.


                      Before you ask Pet Taxi UK to transport any animal you need to make sure that you are, as far as possible, aware of any health issues your intended purchase has had or still has. In many cases health issues, with ongoing treatment, do not prevent us from transporting your pets. Some of the issues we have come across are:
                      1. Over self medication of animals to mask illness or viruses
                      2. Claims for broken or fractured limbs weeks AFTER successful delivery
                      3. Animals sold from infected studs during lockdown periods
                      4. Underweight animals
                      5. Previous Unreported Damage to animals upon collection
                      6. No genuine paperwork for injections or treatments claimed prior to collection
                      7. Under aged animals
                      8. Behavioural issues on collection
                      It is not always possible to get to the truth, some sellers just seem to not give a damn about the animals they are selling. There is only one real way forward if you can do it and that is to collect the animal yourself so if you see issues at collection you can question them and react accordingly. A Courier is not always a good choice if you suspect any issues exist as a Courier under normal circumstances may not even know what to look for – Pet Taxi UK do!

                      COLLECTION CHECKS WE DO:

                      On collection we will, if possible, check the following upon collection.
                      1. Paperwork is present
                      2. Signs of Ill Health in the animal being collected
                      3. Food is supplied for new owner (if agreed by buyer / seller)
                      4. Any Pet Meds need collecting
                      5. We check – eyes, ears, bums, teeth WE DO NOT CHECK GENDER unless obvious
                      6. We also check – Pads, elbows, general body form
                      At the slightest sign of anything not to our liking we will contact the Buyer / New Owner to advise and take instructions from them with regards to any health issue we find REAL or IMAGINED and this is why it is important that SELLERS engage with all concerned from the outset, no-one likes negativity or bad feedback and Pet Taxi UK do not support such behaviour from anyone.

                      SIZE OF CONTAINERS:

                      When travelling any animal it is important that you use the correct type and size of container for the journey. Thanks to our current Hog Customers we are well informed as to what Hogs need for transit and you, as a new customer, can pitch in with your own needs too!

                      WHAT WE PROVIDE:

                      As part of our INCLUSIVE SERVICES we provide the following items when collecting / delivering your pets and contents vary according to species travelling.
                        • Appropriate Sized Carrier (Unless Seller has agreed to supply)
                        • Wood Shavings / Finecard / Paper Based Litter / Vet Bed etc
                        • Water Bottle / Bowl
                        • Spring Clip
                        • Hay / Straw
                        • Hammocks / Comfy Hide / Wooden Hides
                        • Heat Pads / packs if needed
                          The carriers are and remain the property of PET TAXI UK, as are the water bottle and spring clips plus other hardware we use to execute our services to you. The aim is to keep your pet safe, warm / cool and dry during it’s time with us.
                            We will also feed and water your pet according to your instructions if they are on a NEXT DAY or LONGER journey. We travel your pet a maximum of 12 hours as required by Law and they are then rested for at least SIX HOURS before onward travel.

                              WHAT YOU PROVIDE:

                              AS A BUYER:

                                1. FULL Details as per our ENQUIRY FORM
                                2. DEPOSIT as QUOTED
                                3. BALANCE as QUOTED
                                4. Any other information we may reasonably ask you to provide
                                5. Feeding Instructions as required.

                                  AS A SELLER:

                                    1. TO ATTEND AGREED COLLECTION PLACE, DATE & TIME SLOT.
                                    2. A HEALTHY ANIMAL ON COLLECTION.
                                      Many of the issues we experience in collecting animals come from the Seller trying to change what has been agreed usually on the day of collection. Such changes are often IMPOSSIBLE to accommodate and we end up either having a job cancelled or having to re-book the job on a later date. This helps no-one.
                                        As a SELLER if you accept written notification from Pet Taxi UK of a date and time for collection you need to be aware that by Law you have entered into a WRITTEN CONTRACT and as such, ANY LOSSES or COSTS we as a business suffer due to the late cancellation or frustration of our Agreement are recoverable from YOU NOT THE BUYER!
                                          We fully appreciate that things do change and as such we can offer different methods for you to keep the appointment made, even if you are not there. These are known as BLIND COLLECTIONS whereby you can leave the animal for collection with a relative or friend who lives CLOSE BY your home address, we can even collect from your PLACE OF WORK if needs be as long as it is CLOSE to the ORIGINAL place of collection.
                                            Whatever happens please do not hesitate to talk to us, we are here to help BOTH PARTIES not just the Buyer!


                                              As with all genuine Companies, Pet Taxi UK has appropriate Insurance in place that are legally required by ALL business types. Our cover includes:
                                                • ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE
                                                • PUBLIC LIABILITY
                                                • DEATH IN TRANSIT
                                                • PRODUCT LIABILITY
                                              In addition to these STANDARD COVERS we also have other service cover.
                                                RAC BUSINESS CLUB RECOVERY – Which recovers the vehicle, the animals and provides a replacement vehicle for us to continue with the deliveries arranged with you. This cover is for the UK and EU journeys we undertake.
                                                  ATS EUROMASTERS – Regular and Professional Vehicle Servicing Provider keeps us on the road
                                                    SECURITY – Our vehicles are TRACKED at all times. This system shows us where any vehicle is and what it is or has been doing. If the loading door is opened we get a report, if the vehicle is in an accident we get a report, if the driver sneezes we get a report (Honestly there is a microphone in the cab plus a panic button).
                                                      We can even disable the vehicle if it is stolen.
                                                        We see some competitors putting up maps with customer addresses on them, dates and timings – this is WRONG and potentially a breech of the DATA PROTECTION ACT (as amended) 1998. Pet Taxi UK will NEVER do this.
                                                          Your details are PRIVATE and should not be broadcast in this way, if your courier is doing this you need to stop them from doing so as it constitutes a SECURITY RISK to YOU, YOUR FAMILY and YOUR ANIMALS – Criminals can target you through such data and even steal the animals your Courier is carrying if they know where that vehicle is heading, it happens all the time and one reason we DO NOT sign write our vehicles!
                                                            We use the tracking system to update you via email or social media or telephone as to when you can expect our driver to arrive at your location and that is all we will tell you, not where they are or which way they are travelling from the last drop off or collection, we are sure you agree that such information is not needed anyway!
                                                              All we do is to ensure we can get your pet from A to B safely and in good health. Read our testimonials, you will soon realise we are doing something right regardless of some of the rumours out there!
                                                                There is no other way transporting animals should be carried out, although we may have all experienced a different story if you have used other service providers. You will not get any of these issues with us and we are always looking for and responsive to the needs of our human and animal customers!

                                                                  TRAVEL DOCUMENTS:

                                                                  If you wish to IMPORT or EXPORT any animal we are authorised to carry please ensure ALL paperwork is up-to-date and VALID. This is your responsibility and we will check it has been done BEFORE we can issue any quote for service.
                                                                    Animals traveling within the UK do not need valid UK / EU Pet Passports or Health Certificates (as yet!) but they are PREFERRED if available with the animal being transported as it gives all concerned more comfort and builds trust!