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The Process: (Please read this before making an enquiry)

Our process for getting you booked in has just been made easier by the addition of the enquiry form contained within this web site . In essence we take the information you supply within this form to work out which runs are available to you for the animals(s) in question. With all this information we can then quote you a price.
Our QUOTED PRICE and AVAILABLE DATE are only valid for the time of the quote. If you do not book your slot and secure this with the required deposit we cannot guarantee availability beyond this point and you would need to check price and date are still available to you as quoted.
This is because our routes can change almost by the minute if someone else comes along and pays a deposit which can often change a route direction away from that which you enquired about. Our system works on a first come first served basis and we do not hold spaces open for enquirers who have not paid the required deposit.
Once your deposit is paid Pet Taxi UK guarantee that the run you have booked will occur under normal circumstances, if anything occurs to disrupt that plan we will inform you immediately and offer a full refund or a new date for travel. We NEVER keep your deposit without good reason as explained elsewhere.
As a run date gets nearer we will issue RUN TIMINGS when we allocate a 2 hour window to the collection address (the seller) and the customer for delivery. MOST of our UK runs offer SAME DAY collection and delivery.
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Collection Details
(SELLER'S Details - This section is all about where the animal/s are to be collected from and THEIR contact details)

Animal(s) Details

Delivery Details
(BUYER'S Details - This section is all about where animal/s are to be delivered to and THEIR contact details)


Most of our runs are based across the UK Mainland and stretch from Lands End to Sterling in Scotland and all destinations in-between. We can go further north into Scotland, to Northern Ireland and so on but these areas are expensive to get to for us so the customer is quoted accordingly.
Likewise Cornwall, Wales and Norfolk cost a little extra to go to and from due to time and distances involved but we do try to organise regular trips into these areas when customer demand requires. Again it takes organisation between our customers and ourselves to make these things happen but we are willing to do what we can.
Because we are in such high demand, there is often a waiting time involved to access our services of anything from 1 day up to 8 weeks (which is normally the harder to reach areas). Whatever the case we keep you informed every step of the way.


At present European Runs occur every 4 – 8 weeks. We are currently going to Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern France (North of Paris) and Western Border of Germany. We only meet customers (buyers / sellers) at their address, we do not meet at train stations, airports of service areas unless previously arranged.
European Runs are secured by an initial deposit followed by the remaining balance 2 weeks before the run starts. We do this because we have to book and pay for the crossings and accommodation in advance.
For Cats, Dogs and Ferrets please be aware that an additional fee PER ANIMAL is required during the crossing journey (Eurotunnel)! These costs are added to your quote as separate items to the cost of transport.
Trips to other European destinations are possible but the costs must be met by the customer and we will only quote what is required which excludes paperwork, vet health checks and certificates and so forth. All Pet Passports must be up-to-date and copies sent to us well before travel begins so we can verify they are genuine.
If animals are stopped at the Eurotunnel for whatever reason Pet Taxi UK will NOT BE RESPONSIBLE for any additional costs involved in their clearance, holding or vet costs. These costs are the responsibility of the NEW OWNER!
It is fair to say that Pet Taxi UK and the processes we use should prevent any such issues at the point of entry to the UK but after we leave the EU things may change!


All payments are processed through our Payments Gateway based on this web site. These are currently via PayPal or via Direct Bank Transfer. You may pay in full or as a minimum at least the DEPOSIT amount notified to you in any official Pet Taxi UK communication messages.
BALANCE is payable upon completed delivery.
We do accept Card Payments via our Shop Payment Gateway.
ALL PAYMENTS are to be made in STERLING as per our written quotes via Email or Social Media Messaging.


Our Policy with REFUNDS is simple but different.
If you cancel a collection or delivery AFTER RUN TIMINGS are issued we DO NOT REFUND DEPOSITS. However, what we will do is move the deposit already paid to any other jobs you have booked in with us at the time. If you have no future jobs booked in with us we will retain your deposit on file for use against the next job you do book in!
There is NO TIME LIMIT to this offer. We do this rather than keep your deposit and make you pay again when you rebook our services. In many cases we will automatically find the next available date for you to book in.
FULL REFUNDS will be made in cases where cancellation is made at least 10 DAYS PRIOR to the run commencement date for UK RUNS ONLY. If you have booked a European Run and cancel it we will refund 20% of your payment and hold the balance on account for the rebooked run.


Much of what we do is done behind the scenes to make runs available, to collect and deliver many animals across the 2 – 4 days our runs can last. This takes hours of work in the planning and execution of all the elements required to make it look as simple and fuss free as we do (according to our customers)! Please bear with us during the planning phase as not all things go the way our Customers might wish for and it is frustrating for us when any Customer cannot get booked in with us for any number of reasons.
If you want to increase your chances of successfully booking onto our services please follow our guidelines and instructions we send to you in messages to ensure your jobs are booked in and confirmed as soon as possible.
Our MAKE AN ENQUIRY page on this web site collects all the details we need in order to check run dates and issue quotes are concerned, we will refer you to this form via emails and social media platforms and we cannot quote a price or run dates without this form being completed.
We do this because we get so many messages without the required information in them being provided that it drags out the processing time at our end which frustrates many genuine enquiries from genuine customers. WE DO NOT provide BLIND QUOTES based on little to no data.
One last tip, CHECK WITH US BEFORE YOU PLACE A DEPOSIT ON ANY ANIMAL YOU WANT TO BUY as we cannot guarantee services will be available for the dates you require collection / delivery.


Where possible and as long as we have enough notice we may be able to allow variations to jobs as we are aware circumstances change over time. Likewise, we cannot guarantee to be able to accept a variation to the agreed job booked but we will certainly look at ways to achieve what you may need changing. Please ask as well in advance as you can to give us a fighting chance to help you out!